14 “Princess Diaries” Behind-The-Scenes Facts Meg Cabot Just Revealed

The film originally had a completely different title.


For the past two weeks, we've had a chance to wander around in fashion princess calendars the way of memory. For example, we learned the truth about this hilarious bleacher scene, not to mention Sandra Oh recreated his most emblematic line of the film.

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Well, hold on to your crowns PD fans, because the author of the series, Meg Cabot, has just revealed a treasure trove of behind-the-scenes secrets about the film:


At the moment, most people know that Whitney Houston product the film. But, what they probably don't know is that she signed before the book was even published!

OK, let's stop for a moment to thank Whitney Houston, without whom the film The Princess Diaries would not have been shot. She (and @debramchase) recovered my unpublished manuscript and started the royal dream 👑 # R29MovieClub


The original movie title was supposed to be Princess of Tribeca


… but it was renamed when director Garry Marshall amended the setting of the film from New York to San Francisco, to get closer to her granddaughters.


Speaking of which, her granddaughters actually had a cameo in the film – the twins played the little girls who asked for Mia's autograph!


The part where Mia's mother started dating her teacher was based on real life. After Meg's father died, her mother later married one of her teachers, which inspired her to write The diary of a princess in the first place.

@ Refinery29 Thanks for reporting. Many people think that the film is about a princess. It is a girl whose mom goes out with her teacher !!!


Meg initially thought Mandy Moore had been chosen as Mia …


… and she didn't meet Anne Hathaway until Anne recorded the audio book for The diary of a princess.

I later met Anne Hathaway while she was recording the books on tape for Princess Diaries (she tells the first three books in the series), then I knew that she was the perfect Mia # R29MovieClub


Speaking of Caroline Goodall who played Mia’s mom, checked in a version too!


Sometimes they used a robotic replacement for Fat Louie, because the real cat couldn't stand still. Typical cats!


The iconic "SHUT UP!" line was not in the books …


… and the letter Mia reads from her father, who was written just for the film by screenwriter Gina Wendkos.


Gina and Meg both wanted to the tiara Fat Louie wore for their respective cats, but none of them could keep it.


At the premiere, Meg filled with tears when the Genoese national anthem was sung because they paid someone "to write the national anthem of a country that I invented!"


And finally, the strangest question that Meg asks herself about the film has to do with this corndog *, LOL.

The first question I ask myself about the film PD is whether the corndog that Julie and Anne eat is vegan. And the answer is, I don't know! # R29MovieClub

* I guess they were both vegan at one point? But, the film was shot 20 years ago, so who knows what?

So many juicy treats from such an iconic movie! What's your favorite princess calendars moment? Tell us in the comments!

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