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About Article Rewriter Pro

Discover The Powerful Features Of's Article Rewriter Pro

Article rewriter pro tool scans for synonyms that can replace words in your content. The substituted words are highlighted in bold and colorful text. If you don't like synonyms, you can go back to the original and continue searching for another option or even add your own.

An article rewriting program can be used to create quality content! Because we've added over 800,000 new synonyms for this tool; that means you have plenty of choices to create unique words and phrases. We know this feeling when you get stuck looking for "that perfect word" :). This tool is also good for creating correct titles; both correct and unique enough to pass the plagiarism test. It can still be risky, so be careful! We can help and give you a few tips on how to use this tool without negative consequences, because, as you know, poor quality content always has it. 

1. Article. It has to be interesting and memorable, and of course unique. And all the content must be the same, the subject and the text must match each other.
Readability of the text is a must! Because there are still no programs that can fix unreadable texts. Think seriously about the article, because if you come up with poor quality from the beginning, the alternative versions will not be better.

2. Take your time and do not add the first sentence from Article Rewriter. Is it suitable for the sentence? Does the text remain readable with it? And most importantly: does it make sense? Imagine you are a reader and have different eyes on your content. If you see that a word or phrase does not fit the text, you can always click on Rewriter again. Sometimes all the words in the tool don't fit; don't worry, try to change the original word to another one that has the same meaning. 

3.Remember to run the final result of the Plagiarism Checker Tool to check if the text is unique enough. Make sure that you don't have any problems with search engines after you publish your content online.  

4. And we sincerely recommend that you do not "spam". It means not to create multiple versions of the same article or full content. Because it will still be blocked by search engines, and it will not benefit your audience.