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Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison now speaks to the media.


Morrison begins with the usual preamble on the difficulties we all face. Says heads of state have met more in the past two months than in the previous 10 years.

But with the loosening of restrictions following the release of the government's roadmap last week, Morrison now says "the job is really to build that confidence and build that momentum, as we move on to the next challenge, which is to reset the Australian economy for growth to support Australians and their long-term livelihoods. "

He said today’s National Cabinet meeting was briefed by the head of the Treasury Department, Philip Lowe, head of the Reserve Bank, and Wayne Byres, head of APRA.

"They've plunged us into chaos": Wisconsin's foreclosure decision is the latest in partisan warfare

A conservative majority on the Wisconsin short Supreme beaten down an order to stay at the home of the state’s Democratic governor on Wednesday, further illustrating the remarkable amount of power of Republicans in the state and how they got it could brake the authority of their Democratic rivals.

The Wisconsin decision is the most important legal victory for the Conservatives, as evidenced by Donald Trump, who begins to challenge home stay orders across the country through protests and legal action. Republican lawmakers from Michigan where the legislature is extremely gerrymandered, are equally difficult the legal authority of a similar order issued by the Democratic Governor of the state. So far, other lawsuits by companies challenging home stay orders in other states have been largely unsuccessful.

This decision was the latest in a nasty partisan battle in Wisconsin between Republicans and Democrats that has shaped the last decade. The state is tightly divided politically and seen as a crucial state to win for the two presidential campaigns in November election.

Blocked Without Support, International Students Across Australia Count On Free Food To Survive

International students and other temporary visa holders excluded from federal government support rely on food banks and restaurants that distribute free meals to survive during the coronavirus pandemic.

Images of long queues outside the emergency services appeared in international student centers in Sydney and Melbourne, as well as in small towns, including Darwin.

Australia has over 560,000 international students, many of whom have taken up part-time or casual employment while studying.

But as the economy has shut down and the federal government refuses to offer direct financial support to temporary visa holders, the queues that form every day outside food banks suggest that startling figures are now struggling to eat.

National food relief charities say the increase in demand has been huge, driven by an increase in requests from temporary visa holders.

China celebrates one month without announcing new deaths from coronavirus

This three Michelin star Virginia restaurant has its own innovative solutions to the new standard:

Costumed models in 1940s clothes are sitting in the dining room of the Inn at Little Washington, a three-star Michelin restaurant in the countryside of Virginia, in Rappahannock County on May 14, 2020 in Washington, in Virginia. "Src =" https: // i.

Costumed models in 1940s clothes are sitting in the dining room of the Inn at Little Washington, a three-star Michelin restaurant in the countryside of Virginia, in Rappahannock County on May 14, 2020 in Washington, in Virginia. Photography: Win McNamee / Getty Images

There you savor a good meal in a restaurant decorated with three Michelin stars, when you see something strange. The waiter fills the wine glass of the boss sitting next to you. The person does not move, it does not blink. They don't even say "thank you" to the server. You dine with a mannequin. Welcome to the restaurant in the age of coronaviruses.

This is the experience that the Inn at Little Washington, a restaurant in northern Virginia, provides for diners as they experiment what a dinner might be like in the middle of the pandemic from Covid-19.

With the idea that customers may feel alone eating in a restaurant that can only reach 50% of its capacity – the maximum allowed by Virginia regulations on social distancing – the restaurant will place mannequins in its rooms to eat.

Pub without bar: what a visit to a pub in the Australian state of New South Wales will look like

In Australia, the state government of New South Wales has announced that bars and clubs with kitchens may reopen on May 15, as the closings of Covid-19 are released. Restaurants and cafes will be allowed to reopen on the same date.

But saying that "pubs reopen" doesn't quite capture the truth of the situation. Bars and pubs will be subject to the same social distancing and staffing ceilings as other venues – with 4 square meters of space for each customer, up to a maximum of 10 customers. Pubs and clubs will only be allowed to open "on-site dining" public health order issued May 14, and may serve alcohol "only if the alcoholic beverages sold are sold with or in addition to the food served".

The experience most commonly associated with a pub – ordering a beer at the counter – will not be back on the menu. "The ability to do politics at the front of a pub is probably far away," said John Green of the Australian Hotels Association at Guardian Australia:



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