Coronavirus: The best hot spots in your home that need to be cleaned regularly to stop the spread of viruses


Phone chargers and light switches are among the best hot spots to use regularly to clean stop coronavirus experts have warned.


Millions of British people went to work at home afterwards Boris Johnson announced strict measures to prevent people from leaving their homes.

At least 422 in the UK have now died of Covid-19 and the Prime Minister has given police powers to disperse meetings of more than two people.

Many people – who now work from home – have strict cleaning regimes to keep the virus at bay.


However, Dominic Ponniah, CEO of the Manchester-based company Cleanology, has warned that many hotspots are being forgotten.

The cleaning guru highlighted chargers and switches, as well as kettles and even shopping bags as items where the virus could spread.

Make sure to keep your house as clean as possible

He said, "The Coronavirus outbreak has made most of us more aware of the need to keep our homes clean and free from germs.

"Everyone knows the obvious risk points such as toilets, surfaces and floors, and we generally do a good job of keeping them spotless.

& # 39; But it's easy to forget how many high-risk touchpoints are in the house, especially when we live with other people.

We might not even think about cleaning items like phone chargers and kettles, but that doesn't mean they don't pose a risk.

& # 39; Any item that is touched regularly can contain the virus for different time carriers, so it is better than cure. & # 39;

Scientists have discovered that it is possible to become infected by touching Covid-19 by touching contaminated surfaces.

Experts found that it can live up to 24 hours on cardboard and two to three days on plastic and stainless steel surfaces.

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Corona virus prevention

Therefore, the UK's leading health advisors urge people to wash their hands regularly and not touch their faces.

Mr. Ponniah added, "There is no reason we cannot defeat the coronavirus if we all do our bit and follow the advice of the government.

& # 39; We just need to make sure that we are not complacent and that the virus can survive in our homes. & # 39;

The 11 most overlooked Coronavirus hotspots in our homes:

  1. Phone chargers
  2. Light switch
  3. Kettles
  4. Cranes
  5. Towels
  6. Keyboards for computers
  7. Shopping bags
  8. Television remote control
  9. Vacuum cleaner
  10. Books
  11. Landline phones

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