Facebook is rolling out a huge new design – but users claim that the new layout & # 39; gross & # 39; is


It is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, and Facebook has started rolling out a huge desktop redesign.


The redesign was first announced in April and has a much more minimalist design than the previous version.

The top of the website has been changed from blue to white and contains light gray icons for the news feed, Facebook Messenger, notifications, Watch, Marketplace and Groups.

The Facebook logo has also been changed, with the letter & # 39; F & # 39; now in a brighter and lighter blue circle.


And while Facebook stories used to appear on the right side of the page, they have now been moved to the center and are represented by rectangles instead of circles.

The redesign has started rolling out for some users, and the initial response was not great.


Several unimpressed users have taken to twitter to discuss the update, with one that even & # 39; dirty & # 39; finds.

One user tweeted: "New Facebook desktop layout = GROSS!", While another wrote: "The new Facebook layout is so ugly that I can't believe it."

And a guy: "What's the matter with Facebook that changes the layout of profiles on desktop computers … every time I go to a profile, the sidebar appears again and the whole page stays like crazy, and it it takes forever to hide the sidebar again. "

Meanwhile, another user has made comparisons between the new Facebook design and the recent redesign of Twitter.

A user tweeted: "New Facebook here is trying to look exactly like new twitter but jokes about them because these layouts are terrible."

The redesign will be rolled out for all users in the coming weeks.

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