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Gabi Butler takes advantage of quarantine by staying in shape and the star of & # 39; Cheer & # 39; shared with HL EXCLUSIVELY, the only workout that kept her in shape!

Although everyone is trapped inside during their forties, the star of Acclamation, Gabi Butler, 22, shared with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, how she stays in shape during this difficult period. Gabi, who recently partnered with Playtex Sport, shared: "I tried to stay as active and busy as possible. I try to run every day or every other day. this workout called Insanity. It’s a bit like a p90x type thing. It’s a video workout. I will also be doing some of the apps of course, but yes, I'm really trying to train, everyday. "

In addition to running, Gabi admitted that she also recently practiced inline skating. "It really is a challenge. I mean, I give props to these people who can do it backwards and all that. It is much more difficult than you think. "Not only did she rollerblade, but other hobbies that she started during her forties included painting." I tried to paint, I mean, I painted a little before but I really more creative. Plus, I really enjoyed cooking. "Gabi prepares healthy meals and tries to avoid cravings, which she says is easy to do if you" have the right frame of mind. "She continued," Instead of ; a cupcake or cookie, you could have a bowl of fruit, you know, just something that will make your sugar cravings go away. I certainly baked cookies and everything is good in moderation, but I'm definitely trying to stay a little healthy and make homemade salads and other healthy dishes like quinoa. "


Plus, the most important activity that Gabi has participated in is to encourage, and luckily, she is stuck in quarantine with a friend! "So, I actually have one of my very close friends whose name is Derek, who stays with me, and he was part of my non Navarro team, but he was part of my All Star team with me and he is amazing, like super, super strong and talented – he's a beast. So I was fortunate enough to train while this was happening. "

‘Cheer’ star Gabi Butler shared with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY how she stays in shape during her forties. (Swan Gallet / WWD / Shutterstock)

As for Gabi's partnership with Playtex Sport, she explained: "So, essentially, we are focusing on the virtual senior evening, which is a digital event to celebrate the athletes of the promotion of 2020. I am very excited to help give them the athletes what they deserve, and I feel like all of the athletes have been mostly cheated on having shortened their seasons and I know firsthand how much it sucks. It hurts because you work so hard for this season and all the things that lead to it and it just kept going. It is heartbreaking. "

You can listen to Playtex Sport's #VirtualSeniorNight on Thursday, May 21 at 7 p.m. ET on Playtex Sport's Instagram, @PlaytexSport.


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