Grab a Google Nest WiFi 3-pack with a Home speaker for $300 at HSN

Buy the Nest WiFi 2 pack on Best Buy – $ 200

Google & # 39; s old WiFi routers have struggled to stand out, but the inclusion of smart speaker features by Nest WiFi gives it an advantage over some models. As long as you are close to an access point, you can speak to the Google Assistant. The system is also easy to install and the design is elegant enough that you don't have to hide it in a corner.


There are some limitations. There is no Ethernet on the mesh points, so it won't work if you need bandwidth or low latency from a wired link. You also won't get Wi-Fi 6 speeds. It's for every household where wireless convenience matters more than raw performance. If it looks like your house, it might be exactly what you need.

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