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In Get Out, Rose’s family name is Armitage, which is the last name of the protagonist in The Dunwich Horror by H. P. Lovecraft:


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The connection is twofold: It’s an allusion to how the film ends, since TDH is the only of Lovecraft’s stories where the hero defeats the monster in the end; also, Lovecraft was openly racist, so taking his “hero’s” name and making them the villain was an added jab by Peele.



Andre and Walter are seen wearing hats in the film, which hides the scars from their surgeries:


The Armitage family car — the one they use to kidnap black people — is white on the outside, but has a black interior:


In the opening credits, the Swahili lyrics translate to, “Listen to your ancestors. Something bad is coming, run”:

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The original lyrics are, “Sikiliza kwa wahenga. Kimbia, unakimbia mbali.”


Behind Rose, you can see that she framed and hung up the photos of her old boyfriends — aka, her trophies are on display:

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This could even be a fucked up wall of family pics, since her white relatives/family friends had their brains transferred into black bodies.


Also in the aforementioned scene, Rose eats her milk (white) separate from her cereal (colored), which could hint at her believing in segregation:


During lunch, Georgina fills up the Armitages’ cups before she fills up Chris’s cup, even though his is empty and theirs are practically full:


All the guests for the party arrive in black cars, which symbolize the black bodies they’re going to ride away in:


Even though “the help” don’t typically greet guests, Walter greets the guests for the Armitage party — since he’s possessed by Roman Armitage, it’s technically his party:


The reason why Walter (aka Roman Armitage) was running is because he now had a fast, black body instead of the white body that lost to Jesse Owens in the Olympics:

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He kept training to see if he could beat Jesse’s time.


The reason why the Armitages wanted Chris to quit smoking is because smoking is bad for the body and they wanted his body in mint condition:


While Rod was at the airport trying to get a hold of Chris, the boarding call for Flight 237 was announced over speaker — 237 is the most haunted room in The Shining:

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The Shining is one of Peele’s favorite movies.


The opening title shot is an homage to The Shining:

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Chris used the stuffing of the chair to plug his ears in order to escape — aka he was literally freed by picking cotton:


When Rose and Chris are pulled over and she stops the cop from checking Chris’s ID, it’s not because she’s “woke,” but because she didn’t want there to be a paper trail of Chris being in that town when he disappeared:


The trigger for Chris’s hypnosis / being sent to the “sunken place” is a silver spoon — silver spoons are seen as a symbol of wealth and privilege:


Finally, the globe in the Armitage living room is stuck on Africa, which can hint at their obsession with Blackness:

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