Huawei cyber security chief says no operator gives him access to interception equipment


LONDON (Reuters) – Huawei's leader in cyber security said on Friday that he was unaware that a mobile operator had ever given the Chinese company access to the equipment used to intercept calls when required by security services .

FILE PHOTO: The Huawei logo can be seen on a communication device in London, Great Britain, January 28, 2020. REUTERS / Toby Melville / File Photo


US officials told the Wall Street Journal this week that Huawei could secretly gain access to communications using the equipment that networks were legally required to install to allow access by law enforcement agencies.

Huawei rejected the allegation.

"We do not have access to this equipment, we do not know which call or information is intercepted, we do not know when it is intercepted – all we do is offer one side of the box that is blind to what is happening on the other side from the box, "John Suffolk told reporters.


Suffolk said that Huawei did not make the equipment that network operators used to intercept communications if needed, and added that the United States had not provided any evidence to support any of its allegations.

"We just say:" Don't hide it, don't be shy. Publish it, show the world & # 39 ;, he said.

The official said that Huawei's equipment needed to be connected, but he did not know how close it was to the "legal interception gateway," which was often placed in a special area because of its sensitivity.


"I don't know a single operator who said to Huawei," Come and sit in this room and see what's going on, "he said.

"If I found out that our employees were involved in such things, we would take appropriate action."

Suffolk said governments and operators & # 39; smart & # 39; and supported Huawei, competing with Ericsson and Nokia in the telecommunications equipment market.

He asked why, given the US allegations, competitors did not grow by 30% or 40%.

"The confidence of our customers, and that is reflected in the results of the past 30 years, gives an indication of what our customers think of those allegations," he said.

Reporting by Paul Sandle; Editing Stephen Addison and Alexander Smith

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