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About Keyword Density Checker

Did you know that the percentage of instances a key-word appears on your web page in comparison to the overall number of words on that web page may have an impact on the page's ranking?

Sure it does, and it is known as “Keyword Density.”

Mention a key-word or word too times and search engines like google and yahoo will possibly frown at your site. Do it a little less than necessary and search engines like google may not pick up enough indicators to rank the page for that specific key-word.

However, you have to get your key-word density just right for a balanced search performance. Not too much, not too little

But how are you going to start calculating how many times key phrases appears on a web page or weblog? Can you even do it accurately?

It seems you will ought to get assistance from a reliable tool. And it really is why we are giving you this GTmetrix Online Keyword Density Checker.