Myles Garrett claims that Mason Rudolph him & # 39; a stupid N-word & # 39; mentioned before the fight


Browns defensive end Myles Garrett once again claimed that he was racially abused by Mason Rudolph prior to their November fight.

Garrett was reinstated on Tuesday after a suspension by the NFL after lifting Rudolph's helmet and overturning the quarterback in the final phase of the Browns' win in week 10 over the Pittsburgh Steelers.


Although Garrett initially apologized for his actions, he subsequently accused Rudolph of using a racial lie, a claim that was strongly denied by Steelers' signal caller.

After an investigation, an NFL spokesperson said the competition found "no evidence" to support Garrett's claim. After recovering earlier this week, however, Garrett has said again that Rudolph abused him racially and told ESPN's Outside The Lines: "He called me the N word. He called me an & # 39; stupid N word & # 39; "

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Garrett said he did not want his initial accusation to be made public, and added: "I did not want to try to use it as justification for my actions because there is nothing to justify. There is nothing I can say or do to justify what I did that day, I am not saying that I have done nothing wrong.

"I know what happened, I know what I heard. People say things when they are hot or full of emotion. I leave it on the field. He said it, but that was three months ago, now four months ago. I leave that behind.


"I know something has been said. I honestly don't want to turn it into a racial thing. It's over for me and I'm pretty sure it's over for Mason, so we just want to go by and keep playing. "

After Garrett's first allegation, Rudolph & # 39; s lawyer, Timothy M. Younger, said to ESPN: "This false allegation was never claimed by Garrett in the aftermath of the game, never suggested before the hearing and markedly absent in the apology published by the Browns and adopted by Garrett.

"The malicious use of this wild and unfounded allegation is an attack on Mason's integrity that is far worse than the physical attack. This is reckless and shameful. We will not comment further."

Rudolph himself said that Garrett's claim was "not at all true".

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