Track and trace: will the government’s new app work? | News

As the government begins to navigate the gradual exit from the coronavirus lockdown, it has indicated that its contact tracing application is one of the key pillars of its strategy. The app is being tested on the Isle of Wight, where residents including Dr Tom Moore were asked to download and update it with Covid-19 symptoms. If it succeeds in alerting those who may be infected and relaying hotspots of the epidemic to the NHS, it could soon be rolled out nationwide.

But before that, there are a number of potential hurdles. As Alex Hern tell Anushka Asthana, the Parliament's Human Rights Committee has serious reservations about the way data is processed, and it is feared that the use of the app will not be as high as necessary and, perhaps most urgent of all, that it will not work.


NHS coronavirus contact tracking application

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