USC pulls football booster’s season tickets for ‘blatantly racist’ tweets promoting violence toward protesters

The Los Angeles Coliseum is a large stadium, but there will be no room for Marla Brown, a USC football booster, after his account’s inflammatory tweets on Saturday during protests that touched the southern California as well as so many other cities in the United States.

Brown will no longer be welcome at Southern California Trojans football games, says sporting director Mike Bohn. The USC revoked its seasonal subscription privileges after an investigation into what it called "heinous and overtly racist tweets". Bohn's post did not specifically identify Brown.


Brown's narrative responded to a tweet from writer Tony Posnanski on Friday complaining of President Trump's encouragement to use National Guard troops to respond to widespread protests over the death of George Floyd at Minneapolis police hands with the comment: "Yes, and they should shoot the looters. "

Brown's report, which has since been deactivated, responded to a tweet from doctor Eugene Gu on Saturday afternoon, saying in part: "People like you are encouraging destruction." No wonder the black community never gets better. No responsibility. No consequences. At this point, they deserve the result. "


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While the protests in Los Angeles were described on Twitter by filmmaker Josh Ethier, Brown's account responded with a tweet that said "Shoot the protesters".

And later on Saturday, when a tweet said, "DC is about to be overrun by Antifa," said Brown's account, "I can't wait. Finally a reason to shoot them above. "

There were several other such tweets, including one using the phrase "sand thugs".

When the sports department at the University of Southern California was informed that Brown's Twitter biography had identified him as "Union lawyer LAPD, labor and labor lawyer public sector job, former USC … football booster, "officials knew they could speak to one of them. Bohn said Monday that his privileges over the Trojan Athletic Fund had been revoked and that payments had been refunded. His account is flagged to prevent future purchases.

Wide receiver Michael Pittman Jr., recently selected in the second round by the Indianapolis Colts, was in a photo with Brown taken following a game of Trojans which was used as a profile photo for the Brown's Twitter account. He sent a tweet saying, "If you really believe the things you said, I politely ask you to remove me from your profile picture. It is disappointing, I know my real Trojan family would never do it. At times like this, it is important for us to stay united. "

Brown later responded to Pittman and apologized for his tweets, saying that they were "angry at the circumstances in general".

"It was a stupid thing to say," she wrote. "And wasn’t intended for anyone’s race. Just upset all the destruction."

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