Wale Jana apologizes to investors, blames his debts on bad business strategies and bad decision making

Besieged businessman and CEO of Sapphire Scents, Wale Jana took advantage of social media to apologize to his investors.

It comes after Wale Jana's business collapsed and investors' money was tied up.


Wale Jana blame poor decision making and business strategies have ruined his business.

See his apologies below …

Kemi Filani News previously reported that activist and grassroots lawyer, Segalink, took the matter in hand and decided to launch an independent collection process to pay the creditors.


According to Segalink, who investigated the matter, Wale did not intentionally defraud investors, but he did not have exit plans and intentionally blocked investors after the departure of the company. business to the south.

Revealing that an investment debt and independent recovery action will be taken against Wale Jana, Segalink shares a press release and writes:

ACTION ON M. WALE JANA (sapphire fragrance). (Investment debt and independent action for recovery) "

"Distinguished all, we will soon be making claims and you will have the opportunity to declare yours while we strive to recover your capital. Stay in touch and stay tuned. Cordially "

See some reactions to his apologies below …

“What ruined your business was your support for the alleged rape in the case of Busola and Biodun Fatoyinbo. When people went out en masse to burn your products bought with their money during this saga, you learned that it was a joke and instead of making amends and distance yourself from the deal, you had continued to move arrogantly like your pastor. Now, are you watching? "

My question is "why do Nigerians like to give money to someone else to work and give them feedback", that is why they also fear for Ponzi schemes. Invest in a business that already works. Not one who doesn't even have solid experience already. A business that has just started, you have given them your hard earned money. "

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